December 1, 2012


Around December first snowbirds load up and head south. Not to The South of old but just south. Their idea of getting out of Dodge before the snow flies has merit. The southern half of the country likes it too. The snowbirds bring money and spend it. What do these migrants flee? Weather and a sense of being stuck. We humans, especially Americans, always want options. I don't think that I could drive in snow and ice anymore. I don't want to do that. And the cold. The bone-stabbing, tingling and biting cold. No. No more. I imagine many previous snowbirds from the east coast may not come or already came and will remain here. Hurricane Sandy devastated, not only property, but lives as well. How do we humans pick up the pieces of life after any kind of storm roars through?  

Storms don't have to be weather-related. Before Internet access and the whole notion of social media sprouted up like dandelions,  popular magazines published edgy, trending things that we now glance at online and bounce off our consciousness like hitting a tennis ball against the garage door. For several years, THE trends included a numeric stress scale with life events and set scores. Higher scores would predict our future lack of wellness. Now the world accepts stress as a measure of progress. Illness, love, hate, legal issues, medical issues, death, up close personal political issues and even the occasional Machiavellian, home-grown evil can blow up storms of notable proportions. We purchase property, hurricane, flood, fire, health, dental, optical, casualty, liability, Umbrella, and yes, life insurance which means actually death insurance. 

There isn't any insurance for life. Not really. What would benefit humans be-ing is emotional insurance. But that's not for sale. What is the actuarial risk on loving? Can humans be-ing indemnify themselves against a broken heart or a broken life? Is there a kiosk at the mall for that?