October 20, 2013

Put your right foot in...

Sunday quiet, really daily quiet, disappears with thumping, bumping, pounding somewhere in the building. Is someone moving in or out? Are workers converting apartment configurations? Living requires remaining vulnerable to life in general and in particular to other people’s choices. Say what? If I am alive, other people’s choices affect me and I must be open to that. The operative word there? Alive—yes, be-ing takes the spotlight again.   

Life is a process of paying attention, or not, to life around us. Many people in their older years stop paying attention to anything and give in to the minimum daily requirements for living—sleeping, eating, drinking fluids and moving around the room as a POL (proof of life). That may be living but is it be-ing? Well, not so much.

Reliving the past, clinging to the person we “used to be,” revering how things were done “back then” neither stops nor eliminates risk and change; instead, fear of those qualities rules our present. One of the best things about be-ing is having opportunities to change one’s mind about choices we will live – past ones can be revised and future ones can be open to be-ing and risking to get the real stuff of life on us. Life is too short to invest time in fear and the road to be-ing might include a metaphorical Hokey Pokey—“put your right foot in....”

New choices: I will honor not writing about individuals where I live but I choose to let life here inspire some things I explore. Nora Ephron was correct, “All life is copy.” and choices. I also discovered Greek yogurt tastes like paste and radish color and a hint of strawberries doesn’t mitigate that.