May 9, 2017

Heavy traffic ahead -- right turn at detour?

It's late and here I am on the blog which I've neglected for several months. Someone told me yesterday that my blog posts are like little visits and I feel that way too, even though I only know a handful of you personally. 

Oh, I can say by way of explanation: "Life happens, you know?" Is that an explanation or an excuse? For me, the past few months have been like witnessing a serious chain-reaction accident on the freeway: the consequences of people's choices and the shock of it all freeze you in place. You sit in your car, numb and bewildered. How did this happen? Did these folks not see the heavy traffic ahead? Did they try to take a detour? 

Here are the last few months on Speed-Dial: 
  • People got sick; a few got well; 
  • I taught a class on Native Americans; 
  • folks took exotic trips and local trips; 
  • old friends showed up; people I needed? not so much; 
  • a nasty virus quarantined my building; 
  • people lost their way; 
  • birthdays came and went; 
  • old neighbors moved away to assisted living or someplace less nice;
  • new neighbors with unknown stories moved in;
  • doctors ordered more tests;
  • people died; 
  • too. many. people. died. 
  • And, old people still find the hope to get married. 
So, what's my point in early morning when I've not had a thing to say for months? What is the common thread that makes people not take the detour? To navigate through life's heavy traffic? To keep going even though we are in the slower lane? 

Today, a group of ladies were having lunch and the conversation turned to upcoming activities. One lady had a reason not to do anything, ever. She wanted just to be entertained and pampered. Detour!

Over and over, I find that those who navigate the heavy traffic that accompanies aging have a purpose. It is purpose that gives meaning and not the detours.