September 28, 2017

Little Lost Sheep Trending

With my age and life experience, I thought that I had seen way more than I ever thought possible of mankind's sad "coming undone." But, again, I was wrong. The younger people who will determine the future of civilization have lost their way and are rapidly on a downward spiral toward no 
civilization. Their confusion, lack of awareness and shallow perception are not only sad but dangerous. It is, as if, their cognitive abilities are missing in action.

If you've never been to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, you should go and experience the sacred ether that hovers there. You should see the Honor Guard of young military men and women who guard the Tomb, 365.24.7, in rain, snow, sleet or wind. Nearby, the Eternal Flame at John F. Kennedy's grave flickers in the wind but never goes out. The rows and rows of small white grave markers seem to line up back into time past. Those who are missing in action from wars have a presence there too and we feel the loss and sacrifice of all those who came before us. Most of us who have been there or in other cemeteries, national or local, feel the eternal peace that lingers there over those who are out of harm's way and at peace. No matter one's creed or color or politics, cemeteries are sacred ground and not to be disturbed. Disrespect or desecration of a grave is taboo in our culture and civilization. Death is our one inescapable bond as humans.

There is a video making the rounds online of a young man-child, around twenty or so--like many of the people buried there--"taking a knee" in Arlington National Cemetery during the playing of "Taps." Facebook readers gave many "likes" for his protest. Although I can't imagine what he was protesting?

I am taking the high road and deciding that he is uninformed and confused about where he is, why he is there, what the place is and how to behave there. Surely, he can't be protesting by "taking a knee" at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? My own better angels want to believe that he has a family member buried there and knelt on the sidewalk in reverence during the playing of "Taps."

However, my Real Time perception suspects that he kneels out of a confused idea that anytime patriotic music is played, the proper behavior is to protest by taking a knee because.... this week, some NFL players "took a knee" in Great Britain (a foreign country) during the playing of our National Anthem but stood respectfully during the playing of "God Save the Queen"; third graders who are learning to play football are also being taught to "take a knee" during the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem; the opinions and behavior of the NFL are deemed more important by many than respect for America as a country; those who died to protect the right of others to protest freely are not worthy of respect by the very ones who enjoy that right; and, it's all about him. 

Many young people today are confused, emotionally immature and lost in a big world without the necessary tools to live here, much less to govern it. The prevailing "it's all about me" emotion slithers around the depths of all these protest pits. Where is any rational, civilized perception of where all this following and trending will take us? Missing in action.