December 12, 2017

Spinning off the Rails

Here I go again, literally. Over my adult life, I think I've moved 24 times, but possibly more or less. Too many. I've taken down the Christmas tree, gotten on a plane and moved in winter, too many times. I moved in sickness and in health. In good times and bad. For richer or poorer. See where this goes? In an Agatha Christie kind of spinning through life, now there is only me to move at Christmas. Most of my personal property waits inside a zillion boxes for the movers. One more time. At least that's the plan and my hope. 

The holidays always bring out my pensive, and sometimes nostalgic, nature. But this time? It's just the pensive side. I wonder about so many things, large and small -- and it's hard to know which is which in the big picture. A haunting Appalachian Christmas carol from the oral tradition moved into wider distribution in the early 1930's, "I wonder as I wander...." and continues to gain popularity. The second volume of Poet Langston Hughes' autobiography also has that title -- both have much to say to our current world. Do we really wonder enough? So many things I wonder about as I wander:
  •  Why do people who are overbearing say things like, "You look so tired" when life's demands sprout and grow? Don't they think we know that and their comment is not compassionate? 
  • When did it become respectful, spiritual or acceptable to dance to "Silent Night" or "Oh, Holy Night" in romantic ways, including dipping and kissing, in movies? Has our society trivialized Christmas so deeply that Christmas carols are now "generic seasonal background?" 
  • When did it become the norm to applaud vacuous, but seasonal, entertainment as worthwhile? Is this the new "deep thoughts?"
  • Some people bring their presence into your life and leave a big hole when they go, don't they? 
  • Do people that I loved who loved me once upon a time ever wonder if I think of them? 
  • Do people who are major recyclers pause a bit when they cut down or purchase a real evergreen tree for Christmas? 
  • What happened to quality workmanship? Installers used to cleanup after themselves, but now? Not so much. 
  • Do workers consider showing up counts as doing "something" at work? Does the "participation trophy" expectation flow onward into their so-called "work life?"
  • Why do people think, that in an uncomfortable situation, rules of civility, manners and consideration for others are probably suspended?
  • Has "Me first" now morphed into "Me only?" 
As you can see, Babies, the list I of things I wonder about could go on and on. Meanwhile, I am in the middle of a new adventure and will share it here on the blog as it winds down. Be back in a few. Stay warm.